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Art must oppose all concepts or solutions of the past - and thus culture and society as well - in order to initiate the validation of the new. As its own reality, it should aim to mobilize individual interpretation and bring it to various public places that are different from their place of birth. Thoughts must not become immobile. Only when language is produced, used and forgotten, signs and symbols are invented and destroyed, a collective memory is built up and given up, is it possible to put the categories of language systems in the background for a moment. Ideally, the work of art offers time as time compression in order to enable the viewer to deal with subversion and chance. The experience of spending time with the self within the given framework should call into question any empirical value that the viewer has made so far. There should be limited scope for defining or describing the moment later, so that one can only fully react when a work of art is created from the lack of words to describe experience.

Render language abstract.

 'Don't make it too easy for yourself by finding placeholders for all the answers you can't find right now!', should be written on my bathroom mirror as soon as I have one.