Time is disgusting.
 It was laughing at us when we fell asleep and it is the weird grin awaiting us in the mornings. Silently commenting: "You agreed with the outside, now you should go for it." Dry aged material goes for it.
 I feel like an airport; I've been designed for a brief visit; the transit zone; the etcetera. When society is describing you as a male figure and you're asking for a female haircut, people will be like "What was he like?", even if they'd earn more out of the answer.
 undo : redo : redo : undo : redo : redo : undo : redo : redo : undo : redo : redo : undo …
 Yea, we're still different and we're surrounded by shadows of a bigger difference and sometimes difference is surrounding them in a different way than surroundings would surround a difference. So what's the difference? – Try out a Wall Street haircut. Grow up, at the backseat of a car. Twinkling through Ol' Peoples sunglasses will make a change to the comfort that you are. And if you ever get yourself Brioni suited, pay more than Brosnan ever did. Have power lunch at crosstown restaurants. Onwards, speak with your mouth full.
 Fresh, cold and sharp; fresh, cold and sharp sweat is representing our precarious body states, falling into focus allover.
 R  us  h within disconnection. Wet   cheek. Wet   cheek. The body machine works The Body Machine Work. Most of the time we're afraid it would just be a simulation of doing so. My partner says they're dying heavily. Heavily agreed. I can hear a pulse far out being dubbed in my imagination far in. Function guarantees the short way out of the stares that I feel on my body. We're synchronizing, screaming a whisper It's rush hour. All movement makes my visual go crack, go crac, go cra, go cr, go c, go.
 On our way back to the district line through Lichtenberg district, we took something. The environment allowed us to control the climax of the trip for some time. What made us lose ourselves into a self-destructive cocktail of chemics in privacy afterwards.
  – Baking whistle – "What the hell is wrong with you? – You bite meat like a boy who is known to not be a clean player.", "I cry for the feeling of hiding all meanings", I answer, "I feel sorry for sharing bad vibrations rather than true hearted expression at the event of a party where everyone can't help to watch the doors."
 (I know that I'm a cluster of body material that bores me from time to time and maybe others as well.)
 Well, body is celebrating. It carries the seed of death inside, while it's tap dancing … in the ashes of nihilism and hopefully isms in general.
 Cold brewed instant soup at lunch break at the bankers bank. Oh dear middle class, I wanna wear off your virgin hands, as my brand new gloves, as my economic growth. There's a line awaiting us. So, let's line up. See. My brand new gloves and a rolled up No safer use.
 When we left the building, they hacked all the sound carriers of electronic vehicles and played traditional flute music with the vehicle speakers.
Flute sound could be heard everywhere. It was very beautiful.
 (Vehicles is an ongoing document that summarizes reflections of the figure Minna Dorffhaus.
The project takes on the functionality of fragmented memory in order to create new narratives out of fragmentation.)

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